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2005: 12

2005/8/19 2:29:8 pm
Henry: 剛才看了鳯凰衛視關於抗戰其間的松山戰役的紀錄片. 七千中國士兵陣亡換來一個山頭. 令我很感觸.

2005/8/18 11:53:34 pm
Henry: Oh no. Wahahahaha.

2005/8/18 4:21:34 pm
Henry: 住hall少不免人來人往, 難免令人有離愁別緒.

2005/8/18 2:36:8 am
Henry: 五步拳好正呀!

2005/8/18 0:25:2 am
Henry: Basically, I think life is a mystery. You never know what's gonna happen tomorrow. Something good may happen or something bad may happen. So let's see what's gonna happen tomorrow.

2005/8/18 0:24:59 am
Henry: Basically, I think life is a mystery. You never know what's gonna happen tomorrow. Something good may happen or something bad may happen. So let's see what's gonna happen tomorrow.

2005/8/18 0:3:25 am
Henry: 今日搞tea gathering. 新生們都很投入. 好玩.

2005/8/17 11:45:39 pm
Henry: 哈哈

2005/8/16 6:20:52 pm
Henry: If a man, at the moment when he is going to die, he can tell everybody and himself that he have try his best to live every moment of his life and he has no regret of anything, I think he has live a very meaningful life.

2005/8/16 4:58:11 pm
Henry: Life is a mystery. You never know what you are going to discover.

2005/8/15 10:20:31 pm
Henry: 今日游水. 一口氣游了...很多個池.

2005/8/14 11:59:6 pm
Henry: tenter est la verite de la vie.

2005/8/14 7:17:20 pm
Henry: Ups and downs are the normal parts of life. Don't be so surprised.

2005/8/12 8:58:57 pm
Henry: 我很討厭...算了不要太harsh, 我不喜歡, 做事有頭無尾, 遇到困難便退縮的人.

2005/8/11 10:24:39 pm
Henry: Pain lessens fear in life.

2005/8/10 10:10:41 pm
Henry: Today, my feeling is that in times of trial, people flee. Only some stay.

2005/8/10 7:51:59 pm
Henry: 世上有人是遇到困難, 需要take responsibility 時便放棄同伴的. 真是要小心.

2005/8/10 7:33:36 pm
Henry: 我想人生最不幸的事, 莫過於娶了一個很(撻皮)的老婆. 撻皮即是懶惰. 三分鐘熱度的人也是很討人厭的.

2005/8/10 7:12:48 pm
Henry: Today is both a blue and bright day for me. What should I say? Yeah!!!

2005/8/8 4:28:57 pm
大膽怪傑: 主席大會, 我認為正確的生活方式是日間玩到癲曬, 夜晚先做乖仔.

2005/8/6 4:30:0 pm
Henry: In the highway next to my hall, a man died of traffice accident in the morning. Road has been blocked. It is opened now. Cars are running smoothly now, just as before the accident. The world back to normal now. But a life has been lost. Lost in a moment, and then the world is running again. Sooner or later, everything will be forgotten. Nobody will know a life has been lost on the road.

Hey, by the way, I talked to a man on the way to the library. He said I will have a good future, like the rising sun. I am so happy. Thanks.

2005/8/5 11:47:52 pm
Henry: I have been playing basketball for four consecutive nights. What a record.

2005/8/5 0:52:50 am
Henry: 今晚在港大練箭擊時, 教練姐姐話港隊會在今週末去城大(我母校)參加箭擊公開賽呀.

2005/8/5 0:39:58 am
Henry: 學氣功好呀!對減壓有幫助呀!

2005/8/5 0:36:7 am
Henry: 哎呀! 各位呀! 我今日回母校城市大學呀! 一個老師同學都見唔到呀! 我去返自己以前成日行過的地方啊! 百般滋味在心頭呀! 我好懷念以前的日子呀! 快d把握身邊的人同事啦各位! 景物依舊, 人面全非呀!(除了某些餐廳的收銀姐姐之外)我知道有d老師返左英國, 澳洲(因為政府削減資助副學士, 大學要減老師人工, 有都幾年老啦, 趁機退休)我好想見佢地呀! 佢地好鍚我架, 因為我夠頑皮呀, 英文又好呀! 哎呀! 我講左一大堆啦! 係咁先!

2005/8/5 0:0:8 am
Henry: 學太極拳竟對練箭擊有幫助?! 練箭繫竟對打籃球有幫助?!打籃球竟對身體有好處?!身體好竟對心情有幫助?!

2005/8/4 7:48:21 pm
Henry: Hello everybody! 手提電話要充電. 人也要的. 不然的話...你猜手提電話無電會怎樣?

2005/8/4 2:33:23 pm
Henry: 你話如果人可以永遠快樂幾好呢?

2005/8/3 8:31:21 pm
Henry: In modern society, people tend to speak less and less.

2005/8/3 1:24:43 am
Henry: 籃球場上得到多人指點, 多有增進.

2005/7/30 8:38:8 pm
Henry: I think to do something successful, you need to go crazy about it. But it is not so easy to go crazy all the time.

2005/7/30 6:21:41 pm
Henry: 經歷越多不順心的事, 人的忍耐力也變得越大.

2005/7/29 2:18:6 am
Henry: ummm...

2005/7/29 1:45:15 am
Henry: oh, no...

2005/7/28 5:41:44 pm
Henry: Oh my god, waiting is so important.

2005/7/28 1:56:40 am
Henry: ahahahaha...

2005/7/27 5:44:29 am
Henry: Hahaha...Life is cool...

2005/7/26 2:14:56 am
Henry: 今日我遇到一位人士, 好特別.

2005/7/25 6:56:33 pm
Henry: 做事要按步就班?

2005/7/24 11:35:16 pm
Henry: Vaut mieux agir et se tromper que de ne rien faire.

It is better to do and make mistake than doing nothing.

2005/7/24 0:59:26 am
Henry: 今晚打波. 跟住返家.

2005/7/20 10:34:50 pm
Henry: 韓國海女引來外國遊客. 不信請看以下網址: http://photo.donga.com/usr/photopro/phnview.php?cgubun=&gubun=&photo_idxno=36790

2005/7/20 2:57:51 pm
Henry: 剛才有人問我做唔做Assistant mechandizer. 在九龍灣. 而家都七月尾了. 而且又有莊務. 我沒有接受.

2005/7/20 9:29:9 am
Henry: 我一直在想: 究竟是否有命中注定這回事? 現在我想: 如果是有, 那人生不是太無意思了嗎? 太無驚喜了嗎? 人是可以改變環境的. 如果暫時改變不了, 也可以暫時改變自己.

2005/7/20 1:53:25 am
Henry: Before I interact with other people, I am ignorant about the other people. If people only interact with computer, they will never understand the other people.

2005/7/19 11:21:4 pm
Henry: 老實說, 雖然我喜歡看書, 但很少會幾個鐘頭看一本書. 今天下午我在港大圖書館看了三本關於近一百年戰爭的圖書. 有很多圖. 人類因為各種原因戰爭, 造成各種苦難. 令生活在和平時代的我覺得很幸運.

2005/7/18 7:54:14 pm
Henry: I think it is very important to keep on trying in one's life. Only by doing this, you will discover new things and even to survive.

2005/7/18 4:37:49 pm
melanie: i come back la 超哥

2005/7/17 10:50:39 pm
melanie: 咁感慨..........

2005/7/17 8:29:58 pm
Henry: The one who has no obstable in his/her life tries nothing.

2005/7/17 0:20:43 am
Henry: 光陰似箭, 世事如棋. 有誰知道明年今日自己的心情會是如何呢?

2005/7/16 2:13:14 am
Henry: 今晚食火煱. 飽.

2005/7/14 11:43:14 pm
Henry: 今晚練箭及打籃球. 熱.

2005/7/12 9:13:16 pm
Henry: 過沒交通燈的路口時, 我總不喜歡同車爭路. 可是在我向車讓路時, 常常有車停下先讓我過.

2005/7/11 2:47:30 pm
Henry: I need to think of the dance for campfire during the Orientation Day. So I search for the dances on the internet now.

2005/7/9 8:42:43 pm
Henry: Today I go to Stanley with excos of French Society to look at the site for Orientation Camp.

2005/7/9 2:4:4 am
Henry: The best way to live comfortably without any difficulty and pain in life is doing nothing, which I won't choose.

2005/7/7 11:12:20 pm
Henry: After that, I played basketball. Fencing is quite fun.

2005/7/6 8:51:44 pm
Henry: 殘酷的夏日終於逼我買了一架風扇仔. 好涼快呀!

2005/7/6 0:22:54 am
Henry: Tonight I played basketball with floormate and outsiders in Pok Fu Lam. There is so much fun and sweat !!

2005/7/3 3:4:48 am
Henry: 今晚看了非洲的貧困情況, 令我覺得身在福中.

2005/7/2 11:39:14 am
Henry: 新加坡人給我的印象很好. 有禮貌. 今早新加坡交換生同我道別, 連說保重.

2005/6/29 10:30:52 pm
Henry: 好啦好啦! 外面又下雨啦. 每天都這樣的話, 這個炎熱的夏天又不是這麼難過.

2005/6/29 8:21:1 pm
Henry: 今天在港大見到中學同學雪怡,差點認不出來了. 怎麼會這樣呢? 可能是她的樣子有點變了吧.

2005/6/28 10:40:58 pm
Henry: 今天好熱啊!

2005/6/27 1:17:47 am
Henry: 今晚聽了我層樓的新加坡交換生講了他的大陸遊記, 獲益不多.

2005/6/26 1:32:26 am
Henry: 今天去了東涌碼頭行. 去年和前年的大概這個时間, 我也去過那裏. 景物依舊, 也是一個陽光燦爛, 有人垂釣的下午. 可是心情卻是不同. 現在是更輕鬆了. 當時我去了之後也有寫日記. 只是已刪除了. 不然的話, 拿出來看一看, 也挺有意思.

2005/6/26 1:23:38 am
Henry: Thanks Kevin. I will change according to what you said. I am now at home. I will return to HKU tomorrow to make the change.

2005/6/25 11:21:36 pm
Pang Fai: Can you make a button that can let me stop or close the big yellow srceen from moving around?
also, the update is too fast, these two points make me can't read your diary smoothly.

2005/6/24 9:55:45 am
Henry: 外面的雷雨很厲害, 把我吵醒了.

2005/6/23 1:47:43 am
Henry: 有時候怪自己太魯莽衝動, 留下憾事.但有時候卻相信太循規蹈矩, 生活只會變得平淡無味.

2005/6/21 1:39:56 am
Henry: 難怪我去面試時,面試的人叫我介紹我住的施德堂的歷史.今晚我才發現大門上寫著"友邦樓",即是同美國友邦保險有關?

2005/6/20 11:54:53 pm
Henry: 原來李小龍一日練三千次拳. 我點知?頭先睇娛槳版謝霆峰講ge.

2005/6/20 7:59:33 pm
Henry: 剛才坐電梯,從一個人口中得知Lee Hall正裝修,很多那邊的人都搬過來住summer了.

2005/6/20 6:14:24 pm
Henry: 今天收到以前同我一層樓住的exchange的電郵, 他們說很懷念以前的日子.

2005/6/17 10:12:42 pm
Henry: Today I go to open a society bank account with friends in Sheung Wan. But it closed at 4:30 pm. We expected it would be closed at 5 pm. So we have to go there next time.

2005/6/16 9:44:21 pm
Henry: 剛才在百佳買了一個乳酪, 好像有點變質的味道. 或者乳酪就是這種味道吧.

2005/6/16 1:26:46 pm
Henry: 有一位莊友因為將去加拿大讀書, 所以要離開了. 不禁有些傷感.

2005/6/14 12:12:59 noon
Henry: 我hall的衣櫃門整返啦!

2005/6/14 3:46:15 am
Henry: 法文學會的迎新營收到兩個helpers啦!

2005/6/13 3:13:36 pm
Henry: 剛剛下去食飯時, 見到Hall樓下re-admission successful list上有自己的名.

2005/6/12 2:46:0 am
Henry: 前幾日見完第三份工. 又是賣保險. 要考試攞牌. 我也是興趣不大. 不過同面試的人談了很多. 學識了很多東西.

2005/6/7 5:26:10 pm
Henry: 今天見了第二份工. 同面試的人談了很多. 最後他說因為我還有兩年才畢業, 所以要再考慮. 我也明白這一點. 就當是多了一次面試經驗.

2005/6/3 9:41:40 am
Henry: 昨日去了見第一份工. 不是太喜歡. 但也不失為一個搵工的經驗.

2005/6/1 4:34:55 pm
Henry: 昨日去了IFC的戲院看了星球大戰. 場面壯觀. 但不是十分喜歡看.

2005/5/28 0:24:11 am
Henry: 考完試啦!